On non-trivial sleep schedules

So I have been working on implementing a generic library for evolutionary computation. It ended up with me working two days in row until 5 AM and screwing up my sleeping rhythm as hell. The good part of it is that I delivered my work before the deadline without crashing on the next days. The bad part is that my sleeping schedule is screwed up right now. Oh well. This is what you get if you debug stochastic processes and a codebase of ~2KLOC. The sleeping issue is somewhat problematic up here in the North, since the days can be very short or very long, and this somehow does not mix with my sleeping habits. And sleeping schedules like 6+1 or 3+3 are problematic since they do not mix well with work (does not apply to theoretical researchers 😉 ). So, in the end, the normal person has little choice and even less room for experimenting.

Tomorrow I’ll post stuff about ice hockey. With pics (and hopefully, good ones)!

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