It was -10 according to my laptop outside today. I’m saying this just to emphasize how much I am doing for you, dear readers 😉

This is a gas station. Note the absence of any human beings whatsoever. There are many fully-automatic gas stations around here, mostly because you don’t need humans to process card payment.

Everything taken within a five minutes’ walk from my dorm.

2 Replies to “Outside”

  1. Hey, nice pictures! The dominating aspect seems to be “no human being” 😀
    So this might be a great place for mathematic deduction theories 😉

  2. To be fair: It was a Sunday and I was carefully choosing my motives 😀

    Yes, if the weather is good, one is tempted to think about beautiful things (math among them). If not, the dominating thought is “must… go… somewhere… warm…” 😀

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