First week

So my first week in Trondheim is now over. My dorm starts to feel familiar and the student village is actually a fun place to live. Cooking is still somewhat annoying, but one can get accustomed to it, I’ve heard 😉

The only problem with the student village are the parties that have the tendency to be over-crowded and over-loud, which makes me feel somewhat claustrophobic. I mean, if the place was just two times as big as it is now, it would be acceptable. Or if the music was somewhat less loud or somewhat more acceptable (hey, I am in Norway! I expect the kind of music you would expect to be normal in Scandinavia!). Have to find better options, I guess.

Oh, and if you ever wondered how expensive “expensive alcohol” is, here is the deal: On a student party, the price is 20 NOK per one-third-liter-bottle (of beer, that is). That is 2.7 EUR. In clubs, the price is even higher (something around 60 NOK… yeah, that’s right, kids), I heard.

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