Air show in pictures

I managed to witness an air show of the Tigers, which is an air unit of the NATO. Despite my rather suspicious attitude towards that organization, I could not just walk past a major display of toys for big boys.

This is Gripen, a proof that SAAB makes not only good cars, but also good planes:

 The air unit is called “Tigers” and the pilots try to show it with all possible effort:

There were some Swiss F/A-18’s, which is weird since I cannot recall Switzerland having anything that looks like an aircraft carrier. Sadly, I did not have the time to ask the pilots which Swiss bank hides their carrier or if ordering carrier based ships has something to do with Greece having a ministry for economics.

The Norwegian defense ministry has been seen advertising the purchase of sweet new but not even finalized F-35A’s, which are in not only my humble opinion the most effective money sink since SDI.

Also part of the show: flying fuel tanks, AWACS, boat hunters, helicopters, and a Catalina.

And, obviously, some flying (shot with shutter priority, 1/320 or more, any comments on the quality of the pictures are welcome):

You wouldn’t believe it, but takeoff sounds a lot like being in the front row in a metal concert

Belgians, formation flying

Some random photos:

Old, but still kicking

Guarding materiel

Look into the abyss… no, into the engine of an F-16

“Isn’t it cold up there?” – “No, we are pretty much hidden from the wind”

The wing as a rain shelter

(Editorial: I came to the conclusion that cross-publishing my blog in G+ yields a higher view count. I think I will do that again, just to test my hypothesis.)

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