Zee Germanz

(This will be a troll post to some extent. Also, sad topics ahead. Proceed at your own risk.)

I was yesterday sitting with some Germans in a cafe and talking about random things. Then, at some point, the conversation switched to the topic “How I want to be buried”. Since it was not the first time I was having this conversation and especially not the first time I was having this conversation in a German company, I drew the conclusion that that might be something German-specific. And if you read some German magazines, you will almost certainly read something death-related in the “Science” block: euthanasia, the climate that kills us, our children will not live better than us (accept it and die, you progress-oriented scum).

WHAT THE FUCK, GUYS? Do you (and the rest of the society) all of a sudden prepare to die in your mid-twenties? How the hell can you care about your death than about your life? I, for one, care more about what I will create in my lifetime. What happens afterwards is (largely) beyond my responsibility, except for things I will have done myself (like raising kids, solving P=NP or the like). And worrying about things I cannot change is just a pure waste of time. Seriously, guys. Research some neuroscience instead. If you do not, you will almost certainly die out and the future generations of other societies will point and laugh at those retards that extinguished themselves voluntarily.

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