Lectures and stuff

So until now I have been carefully omitting the studying part of my life. This has a reason, since until now, I just was attending lectures without being forced to do any kind of assignments. So now, this had changed and I actually have to do something for the university.

For now, I have two assignments: The fist one is a rather simple introductory text in Norwegian (introducing oneself etc.), which is more or less simple since the Norwegian sentence syntax us more or less the same as in German. The morphology is actually even simpler, so, the really annoying thing is learning the vocabulary and understanding spoken speech.

The second assignment is the one from my AI lecture and consists of writing a framework for evolutionary computation. Which is more or less fun since it is an interesting software engineering problem and a rather simple algorithmic task. The interesting part of the software engineering side of the problem is how to make the interfaces as typesafe as possible, to be able to throw a compilation error on faulty specification (like, type mismatch between phenotypes and fitness evaluation functions).

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