Having a life

Dancing courses at the university have been up to now a slight disappointment to me, because every time I signed up to a dancing course, there was always some problem that ultimately made me drop the course. So I decided to try it once more, because after paying 600 NOK (approx. 80 EUR) for membership in the sports society, I was expecting some value for money 😉 And it worked! The course is very cool and I expect to turn into a ballroom monster (the good kind, y’know) in the next months 😀

Last Saturday some guys and I were going to a place with nice live music. This was awesome since there were local bands playing something from the heavy corner of the musical landscape. The beer was expensive, though — I drank probably the most expensive Staropramen ever, but since it was good, I do not really regret it 🙂

(And sorry, still no new pics. But tomorrow, I promise. I will be doing a small ski trip in the relative neighborhood)

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