So I went downtown to celebrate my second week of being here in some nice location. The location in question was “Gossip”, a rather big (and still totally crowded) club with three stages with more or less the same music. Speaking about music, it was pretty much the same stuff you hear in other places across Europe (i.e. the same 10–15 tracks which are only bearable while drunk), so nothing really new and interesting. But still the evening managed to get interesting when some guys tried to walk on me and some of those I were with and wanted to “discuss matters outside”. The reason was that we had some females in our company and they had none, which did not make much sense to me even then, when I was far less sober than now. (It probably makes sense if your brain can only respond to four basic F’s, feeding, fleeing, fighting and reproduction, I guess)

Which leaves me with a task of finding better clubs with the kind of music I can listen to while sober. It is Norway, there have to be some places with harder music.

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