Brain food

…yes, I am talking about books.

I have read Ready Player One recently, and it was… okay. Not great because it had too much face palm-inducing moments, not awful because it could still be worse.

The good news: It is a book that has an interesting setting and some good moments. The bad news: It is very similar to other pieces I’ve read (Stephenson, Stross, Lukyanenko, …) and almost entirely unbelievable. I won’t spoil (because reviews with spoilers suck), but in short, the plot had some very strange features. Evil corporation trying to do obviously evil things and clearly behaving in an evil way? Well, that was unexpected. But being too dumb to solve some riddles? Being too dumb to care about stealthiness? But that aside, until the near-end of the book I had problems to feel some empathy towards the protagonist, because he seemed to lack personality (and thus any reasons why he is worthy to win) and be prone to invent completely insane, horrible plans that magically work.

And a note to the author: Please, don’t brag about your obsessions in such an obvious manner.

It’s better than my rant suggests, but still, it could be better, even with the general premise.

Currently I’m reading through The Undercover Economist Strikes Back. It is lots of fun and clarifies a lot about economy and why some people talking on economy have no idea what they are talking about. Very worthy reading.

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