Arctic trip IV: Tromsø

Monday began for me on the board of MS Lofoten, one of the Hurtigruten fleet. I already mentioned that without an internet connection, the ships are of rather marginal interest, since the available activities are mostly a subset of

  • sleeping,
  • eating (awfully expensive – 130 NOK for a breakfast… thank God I had some apples in my backpack),
  • drinking tea and coffee (at least these are free),
  • taking pictures of the landscape,
  • reading (powered by that neat little e-reader from A.)

But if you have a mobile broadband internet connection and a not-too-tight schedule, the Hurtigruten line is a cool way of combining work, relaxation and travel.

So we arrived in Tromsø somewhere in the middle of Monday, checked in at the (completely empty) hotel and went exploring the city. The coastline looks very ugly, so, if you want to visit Tromsø, avoid it at any cost. It is mostly industry, firemen, industry and old wooden houses.

Tromsø consists of two parts: the island part and the fjord part. The main part of the city lies on the island, which feels like a big hill and is not a great fun to walk around (up, down, up, down, add slippery paths to that…), but offers some nice views from the top.

The two parts of Tromsø are connected with a 1.5km long bridge. The bridge is a fun walk, even more so if you (like me) have this cute little phobia that makes you avoid heights without proper separation between your body and the abyss, but the pictures you can make are worth it in any case.

We tried to see some aurorae, but on the first day, none were to see, and on the second day, the sky was completely overcast and the best shots just show a tiny part of the whole awesomeness that happened behind the cloud layer.

And then we flew back on Wednesday.

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