I’ve been on vacation last week and now I’m gonna torture you with pictures of mountains.

Lots of mountains



A group, me included, rented a place directly in the skiing area and we were having fun there for a whole week.

Our home at night

Even considering that at some point in the night, an avalanche went down dangerously near our place, and that I kept crashing literally every day (a crashless day is probably my long-term goal for the next skiing season), it was a great experience, in a great place, with lots of great people.

An avalanche
Home sweet home

P1040429 P1040428 P1040426 P1040425 P1040424 P1040423 P1040422 P1040421 P1040417 P1040416 P1040415 P1040411 P1040409

A view from the window
A view from the window

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