A motivational quote

I have found myself confronted with lots of “inspirational quotes” and inspirational texts, so I decided to go with the flow and write one, too. Main writing criteria were nonzero non-trivial content and avoidance of first person plural. So, here it goes.

Forget whatever you have been told about your life. It is not yours, and never has been. You ride, together with a lot of other human beings, on this immense carousel called Earth. Your behavior influences their lives as their actions influence yours. You are not done, you have not destroyed the One Ring and living happily ever after. Actually, you are never done. Life is scary and unjust, and good things tend not to happen magically all by themselves. Whatever happens, ask yourself about your role in it, because you could have influenced the process a tiny bit, even though your influence is small compared to existing systemic factors. You personally can make this place a better one.

Not deciding anything and not wanting to decide anything is a decision, too, almost always the worst one. You are responsible. Always. For everything.

Enjoy the ride.

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